Doll Swap 2006

Doll Swap 2006 is here! I, Dian will mail out a box to an unknown recipient containing three dolls of my choice. I will draw the order of the names and will email each participant to let them know who they will be shipping the box to when it comes to their house.

Players please read all the rules

Dolls do NOT need to be expensive, but must have desirable qualities
A- DOLLS (and CLOTHING) must be CLEAN and dolls should be dressed
B- No matted hair, missing plugs or hair should be nice
C- No missing fingers, toes, parts, cracks, holes or splits in dolls
D- No nasty odors, mold, stains on dolls
E- No missing eyelashes or cloudy or caving in eyes
F- No basic Barbies, generic porcelain, or basic Baby Faces (ie..Susie, Cynthia)
G- No major missing paint (we don't want dolls with half a painted eye missing)
H- No "chewed" dolls
I- No stuffed animals, Ponies, or such items...this is a "doll" swap!
J- No "green" stains on dolls  (from metal exposure, etc...)
K- No non-working dolls that were meant to do things (such as a Cricket doll with a broken tape player or no tapes to make her work)
(new rule) L- Three dolls means three dolls (although dolly can come with toys or accessories). Please do not add two or three inexpensive or small dolls to count for one doll, lets just keep three nice dolls in the box. Exceptions: dolls that were meant to be together, or are part of a set/couple such as twins

 The Doll Swap Rules

1. I will mail out a box containing three dolls to an unknown recipient. There must be three dolls in the box at all times. There will be three in it when you receive it, and when you mail it out there should be three dolls in it also. At least one of those dolls (can be more) must be a vintage doll. Not necessarily old old, yet nothing you can just go out and purchase in a store.

2. When the box arrives to you, you may keep as many dolls as you like: one, two, or all three but you have to put back the same amount of dolls you keep so the box will have three dolls in it when it leaves you

3. We realize it's not always possible to put a monetary value on every doll, however try to replace the dolls you take out with equally as nice dolls so no one will be disappointed when the box arrives to them. Play nice!

4. Name tags will be provided in the box, use what you need and leave the rest. Tag the doll(s) you put in the box with your name, the name of the doll if you know it, and any other helpful info you may know about the doll

5. Get the box on it's way to the next person within 5 days from the time you receive it. That should be plenty of time but if you anticipate a longer delay for any reason, please notify me or post a brief explanation on the forum so everyone else will know about it (things do happen)

6. When the box is received, you must post that you have it. You will be expected to provide a picture for the forum of the dolls you are keeping (help will be available if you need it)

7. Remember, you will need to pay for the shipping cost

8. Swap doll pictures will be posted at the top of the message board as they arrive

If you don't understand a particular rule or how the swap works, let us know. We will be happy to explain in more detail. Play a good game, no talking amongst yourselves. Only the person sending the box should know who is about to receive. Be patient, it will arrive to you eventually. It is more fun when it's a surprise. It is all about.......

note: Feel free to replace the box if it's looking shabby when it arrives at your house

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