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Hard Plastic Walkers of the Fifties
(these dolls are not for sale)
Most of the dolls on this page are Arranbee's "Littlest Angel". These little walkers are 10"-11" tall with hard plastic bodies. The early Littlest Angels are all hard plastic including the head, and have glued on saran hair. They were later introduced with vinyl heads and rooted hair but kept the same body. I don't know the exact date on each doll pictured. Vogue bought the Arranbee Company in 1959 and continued selling Littlest Angel marked with the R&B logo. I also have a few similar type walkers by other companies. These little dolls are fun to dress and don't take up a lot of room, you can never have too many!

10"-11" Walkers

Littlest Angel
Arranbee Littlest Angel, redressed

Sayco Miss America Pageant Doll
Sayco Miss America Pageant doll, original dress

I believe she is an early Arranbee Little Angel
Arranbee Little Angel, redressed

All original Block walker
Block Co., all original

All hard plastic Littlest Angel
Arranbee Littlest Angel, all hard plastic. She would like to find her ski's and poles

Littlest Angel with two-tone hair
Littlest Angel with two-tone hair

Block Walker and Ginny dressed by guppgirl
Block Co. and Vogue Ginny, dressed by Rhonda

 Littlest Angel
Littlest Angel, all original

Brunette Littlest Angel
 Littlest Angel, all original

Littlest Angel dressed by Elsie-Cat
Arranbee Littlest Angel, dress by Elsie-Cat

Eegee Lil Susan
Eegee 'Lil Susan, all original 1959

All hard plastic Littlest Angel
Arranbee Littlest Angel, all hard plastic

Brown eyed Littlest Angel
Arranbee Littlest Angel, redressed

Littlest Angel
Arranbee Littlest Angel (thank you Barb)

Hard plastic Littlest Angel
Arranbee Littlest Angel, redressed

Little Imp
Little Imp, redressed

All original Block girl
All original Block Co.

Little Miss Addie
1956 Little Miss Addie and her little sister (thanks to Steph)

Block girl in blue
Another Block doll,
original dress

Littlest Angel wearing pink formal and purple velvet cape
 Littlest Angel, all original (thank you Dell)

platinum hair surprise doll with green eyes and freckles
Littlest Angel Surprise Doll wearing Sayco Miss America dress

wearing pink pajamas and robe set
Littlest Angel, all original

Other Walkers

Miss Charmin (bath tissue) advertising doll, 8½" straight leg walker

Fab detergent(maybe) advertising doll, 9" straight leg walker

22" Ideal Saucy Walker, 1951-53. All original

Block yes/no twins
11½" Block Co. Twins
Yes/No Dolls

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