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Dolls from A to K




8" HP Wendy NM- Madame Alexander hard plastic Wendy (I think) 8" strung doll, dark brown hair in curly ponytail, brown sleep eyes. She is a mint doll that has been redressed in a new (very nice) outfit with matching panties and Alexander replacement shoes. I am not sure of her name or age, would guess the 1980's. I am not familiar with these smaller dolls, feel free to correct me $18.00
14" Lucinda MINT- Madame Alexander 14" Lucinda, redhead with blue sleep eyes wearing pink taffeta dress with matching hat and aqua ribbon $20.00
Going to the Parade MIB- 8" Hard Plastic Madame Alexander "Going to the Parade", style 35250 from 2002. Blonde hair, brown sleep eyes $32.00

American Character

Whimsie Trixie EXC- 1960 American Doll and Toy Corp. (American Character) Whimsie Trixie the Pixie. 20" tall all vinyl sitting doll with bright red rooted hair- it's actually in its original style which I've not seen before. This is a very nice example of Trixie the Pixie if you want to add her to your collection. I believe the tights are original but I made her dress a few years ago, she is from my collection which I am slowly parting with. I did replace the rubber band in her hair and added a new bow, she never came wearing shoes, just tights and a red devil costume- long gone.  Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 $150.00
Suzie Two Steps

EXC- Suzie Two Steps aka Walking Suzie Steps  marked American Char 1966, 20" hard plastic walking doll with vinyl head and arms. She uses 2 d cell batteries(not included) and works perfectly- really cute, she waddles and takes tiny steps. Her short blonde hair is very nice, blue sleep eyes open and close, nice lashes also. Suzie is one of the rarer dolls from AC, and usually not in very good of condition if you find her. Shoes are her original rubber Mary Janes, lavender outfit is a replacement. Picture 2  Picture 3  Picture 4

Barbara Sue

EXC- American Character baby doll Barbara Sue, 16" tall with light red rooted hair and green sleep eyes with lashes. She has a vinyl moveable head and arms, and a one piece latex body and legs with a heavy bottom made for sitting, no cheek rubs. Wearing a yellow print cotton dress and original panties, not sure the dress is original but it could be, it's appropriate and fits her well.


American Greetings

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls are on the collectible toys page

SSC Panel Curtains NM- One pair of 36" length, shirr on rod, Strawberrry Shortcake panel curtains with attached ruffle(2 panels). Stamped American Greetings 1980, tagged Sears. Each panel is 41" wide. Tag states machine wash and dry, little or no ironing Another Picture $12.00
SSC Curtain Set NM-  One pair of 63" length, shirr on rod, Strawberrry Shortcake Priscilla curtain set with attached valance(2 panels). Stamped American Greetings 1980, tagged Sears. Each panel is apprx 45" wide (not counting ruffle). Tag states machine wash and dry, little or no ironing. Comes with two 23" matching tiebacks. These are much nicer than my picture makes them look. I had them folded in half lengthwise for the picture Another picture $20.00

Atlanta Novelty

1979 AA Gerber Baby MIB- Atlanta Novelty 17" African American Gerber Baby, 1979. She has a yellow gingham soft stuffed body with a vinyl head, arms and legs. Wearing white eyelet apron and bib. Flirty eyes that move from side to side. She is mint, the box is rough and missing the cellophane $50.00


14" Berenguer Baby EXC- 14" Berenguer Lots to Love chubby all vinyl jointed baby doll (unhappy face) with molded hair and brown inset eyes, dressed in Indian outfit $15.00
14" Berenguer Baby MINT- 14" Berenguer Lots to Love chubby all vinyl jointed baby doll with molded hair and blue inset eyes, dressed in new flannel two piece outfit $16.00

(Vintage 80's) Cabbage Patch Kids

16" MINT Boy MINT- 1985 Coleco 17" boy wearing yellow/white knitted snow suit, dark blue signature, P factory, tan loopy hair, one dimple, big blue eyes. Minty mint doll with original paci (still has paper backing on it), no box or adoption papers. Never played with or displayed. There is a place on the palm of his hand where there is some hard glue stuck to it. I'm afraid to pull it off for fear of causing a run in the fabric. My best guess is he got glued to the box or paperwork at the factory $35.00
 1985 Coleco Preemie Girl NRFB- 1985 Preemie baby with beige tuft of hair, blue long dress, white mary janes. Green eyes and one dimple, box shows wear  Picture 2 $25.00
 1985  Coleco Boy NRFB- Coleco 1985, It's a boy- Kirk Davis. Bald baby with big blue eyes, two dimples. Wearing aqua blue corduroy outfit, white undershirt and white knit hat, white hi top shoes. Box has a little wear Picture 2 $40.00
 Vintage Coleco AA Girl NRFB- Coleco, her box is not dated so she is probably a first year doll (I am open to education).  African American girl in pink rosebud print two piece outfit. Brown hair in two pony tails, big brown eyes, white mary janes, box shows wear  Picture 2 $40.00
 Vintage Coleco Girl MIB- Coleco 1984 girl with two brown braids, big brown eyes and white hi tops. Wearing a white top and navy blue floral panties. She was NRFB but I found some light brown spots on the back of her white top so I hand washed it, they are mostly invisible now. Box shows wear  Picture 2 $35.00
 Cabbage patch Kids EXC- Picture is of three Cabbage patch kids, each sold separately. They are wearing mostly original clothes as far as I can tell, one has replaced shoes and the blonde was given vintage CPK mary jane shoes older than her. These were played with dolls, so not mint. They have no problems though than a slight water stain from getting their hands washed(you can't see it in the picture), hard to see in person unless you look closely $15.00 ea.
Coleco Clown Outfit EXC- 1985 Coleco Cabbage Patch Kids, tagged clown outfit- most of it. Includes jacket, pants and hat (KT) $8.00


none at this time


 Eegee Puppetrina EXC- Puppetrina from 1963, has opening in her back for your hand so you can use her for a puppet. Plastic and vinyl doll with nice face paint and hair. Red and white striped body suit under her new dress is still clean, also wearing new matching clogs. Rooted blonde hair and blue sleep eyes with lashes $35.00


Spring Doll MINT- 1981 Effanbee 14½" plastic doll from the four seasons collection. This is Spring, she is missing her outfit. She has a vinyl head, blue sleep eyes, freckles, plastic molded lashes, rooted waist length blonde hair, original panties and shoes $10.00
Effanbee Gumdrop EXC- Here is a sweet little 16" Gumdrop with her watermelon smile. Unmarked, but I am pretty sure she was made by Effanbee in the early 60's. Blow molded plastic, jointed doll with blue sleep eyes (nice lashes), and reddish blonde rooted hair in a pixie style, both hands are wide open. Redressed in cute green and white checked two piece outfit, no shoes $15.00
1958 Effanbee Baby EXC- Large 20" heavy vinyl Effanbee "My Precious Baby" baby doll with jointed elbows and knees- making her very posable. She was only made for one year in 1958 (thanks Vicki). Markings on back of neck is worn and not readable, all I can make out is ee. She is very similar to the American Character Toodles dolls and is just as well made. I think her dress, shoes, and panties may be her originals, I added the pinafore and socks. Her vinyl mary jane shoes have the button type ball on the side, however they won't stay buttoned because the opening has ripped at the end of the strap. She has rooted reddish hair thats a little dry on the ends but still okay, and blue grey sleep eyes with nice lashes. Eyes are the flirty type- move side to side (most of the time). She has very nice color and face paint, no cheek rubs. A very nice baby doll. Picture 2   Picture 3   Picture 4  Picture 5   Picture 6 $60.00

Fisher Price

My Friend dolls are here

FP Kid Billie EXC- Fisher Price Kid #242 AA Billie doll, 1978. She is apprx 10" tall, cloth stuffed body, soft vinyl head with black rooted hair, removable skirt $15.00
Dollhouse Mom/Baby NRFB- 1999 Fisher Price "Loving Family" dollhouse figures: Mom and Baby $8.00
Cream Velour Dress NRFP- 1999 Fisher Price Briarberry Bear cream velour dress


Furga- Italy
17" Furga Lady Solange MINT- Beautiful 17" Furga doll from Italy, 1970's(marked Furga Italy in rectangle on head). She is from the Elegant Ladies series: 45 Lady Solange. All original and in mint condition wearing an all white outfit with lots of lace trim and a big white hat with attached pink flower, white shoes socks and panties. Rooted brown hair with curls all around her head, blue sleep eyes with both long lashes and painted lashes. Vinyl and plastic doll with lady figure. I will ship her (folded) box with her if you want to pay the extra postage, or I can send you a picture of it.  PICTURE 2  PICTURE 3  PICTURE 4 $40.00


Gotz Redhead Baby EXC- Gotz 22' lifesize baby with red hair and stationary pink eyes, hair lashes. Hildegard Gunzel sculpt from Gotz of Germany. She probably has a name but I don't know it, vinyl head and partial limbs with pellet weighted soft body, redressed $35.00

Hard Plastic

Little Miss Addie EXC- Vintage 1950's Little Miss Addie, Ad detergent advertising premium doll. All hard plastic, wigged, head turning, straight leg walker doll, 11" tall wearing all original and complete outfit including her real mink stole, a very nice example of Miss Addie. The Little Miss Addie dolls are attributed to the Block Doll Co. and were advertised on the Ed Sullivan Show of the same era. PICTURE 2   PICTURE 3   PICTURE 4 $60.00
Hard Plastic Walker EXC- 11" hard plastic Block girl, head turning walker with red hair in braids. Wearing new handmade outfit- has original panties $30.00
Fab Walker MIB- 9" hard plastic Fab detergent premium doll that you could get by mail order in the fifties. She is an all hard plastic, head turning, straight legged walker, and is wigged. Looks like she's never been out of the box, not even for display- all original and complete, dress is crisp and clean. Hair has a few flyaways and there is one tiny blush scratch on the right cheek (visible in pic). Includes a fun coupon just like you would have used to send in for her back in the fifties (expired of course)  $30.00
16" Hard Plastic Girl VG- 1950's hard plastic 16" doll with original dress with attached panties, replaced shoes and socks. Marked made in the USA 170. No major problems and she is clean, hair is thin in the back but still mostly all there as far as I can tell. She has some rub spots at the joints but nothing bad, restrung. Green eyes with all her lashes. See pictures for more detail Picture 2   Picture 3 $35.00
MIB Littlest Angel MIB- Arranbee (R&B) 10" hard plastic bend knee Littlest Angel walker. She has a vinyl head and the rest is hard plastic, brunette rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, wearing satin two piece pajamas and matching robe, and silver slippers(one slipper has some of the silver flaked off). Comes in original box, doesn't look played with at all, rosy cheeks and clear sleep eyes $80.00
Miss Charmin MIB- 9" hard plastic Miss Charmin (Charmin Paper Mills) premium doll that you could get by mail order in 1955. She is an all hard plastic, head turning, straight legged walker, and she works very well. Blonde wig, blue sleep eyes. She is mint with nice coloring, and so are the outfits she comes with- which are original to her. Everything pictured is what you will get, they all belong to her. There is an ice skating outfit and a rainy day slicker set. The original shipper boxes are also included, stand not included $45.00
Littlest Angel EXC- Arranbee 10" Littlest Angel walker, 1950's. All hard plastic bend knee walker with brown eyes and strawberry blonde hair. Wears a sheer pink dress with blue flocked flowers with attached slip and panties, rayon socks, and Cinderella shoes. Her hair looks fine but is thin is some places and pulls out easily. She still has original blush on her cheeks and knees $45.00


 Little Miss No Name EXC- Hasbro 1965 Little Miss No Name. Plastic and vinyl doll with rooted hair, appx 14" tall. All original down to the pin in the back of her dress, no cracks or damage. There are a couple of tiny moth holes in the felt patches on her dress and she got her ears pierced at some point. A beautiful example for someones collection. Picture of backside $125.00
1967 Dolly Darling NM- 4 1/2" Hasbro Dolly Darling from 1967, blonde with blue painted eyes. Wearing red top, matching plaid shorts and white belt, painted on boots. Bends at waist, arms, and legs $10.00
12" Blythe NRFB- 12" Ashton Drake Galleries/Hasbro, "Flower Power/Love 'N Lace" full size Blythe doll (2002, first series) with long red hair. Eyes can change to four different colors with the pull of the string. She is a reproduction of the original Blythe doll from 1972 as is the box she comes in. Comes with certificate of authenticity, totally mint and unopened. $180.00


1966 Horsman Tuffie EXC- 1966 Horsman Tuffie 16" all vinyl baby doll with rooted hair and all her original clothes: they are not in the best of shape but considering the age have fared pretty well (one sandal strap has broken). Tuffie is in excellent shape, even her hair is pretty much intact although these particular dolls were not given the best quality hair to begin with. She has blue sleep eyes with all her lashes and has a very determined look on her face. Lots more pictures here- Tuffie 2Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7 $55.00
'Lil Softee EXC- Sweet little 10 ½" Horsman baby in pink/white quilted bunting, 1975. Blonde rooted hair, painted facial features, vinyl head, arms and legs, shredded foam stuffed cloth body $8.00
Horsman Baby NM- 18" Horsman Doll Shop Designer baby wearing Dr. Denton jammies with teddy bear print, zipper in front. All vinyl except the upper chest area, which is stuffed, the arms and legs are still moveable, dark blue inset eyes, lightly molded hair, 1993. There's a drop down flap in the seat of the jammies, cute $14.00


Ideal Tammy EXC- Stamped 1965 Ideal, Tammy 12" fashion doll wearing a striped knit top that closes with one snap in the back and white cotton panties, nothing else included. She is hard plastic and vinyl with light red hair. No problems at all, face paint is excellent $18.00
Ideal Flatsy EXC- 1969 Ideal 4.5" Flatsy dress me doll with blonde hair (original hair ties) and brown eyes. Excellent condition, no clothing included $5.00
Ideal Toni EXC- Marked Ideal P-90, this redheaded 14" Toni hard plastic doll is from the early 1950's. Wearing a vintage cream color satin dress with three rhinestones on the bodice, and matching satin panties, outfit is from the 50's also, not original to her but very appropriate and a perfect fit. I have given her new black shiny shoes with side snaps and new cotton socks. Not sure how her hairstyle should have been, I put in a ponytail. She has one tiny blush rub, maybe you can see it in the picture- left side. Other than that she is in pretty good shape for her age, not even as much wear on the joints as most hard plastic dolls have $40.00
Ideal Toni P-91 EXC- Marked Ideal P-91, this platinum blonde, green eyed Toni doll is 15"-16" tall and is wearing what I believe is her original dress with attached slip on the skirt. She has been restrung and poses very well. I added her shoes which are not as old as her. No cracks, stains, or mars on her to mention, she is in very nice condition for a 1950's doll. I will try to get better pictures of her face, these didn't come out very crisp. I am not all that familiar with hard plastic dolls but she has nice coloring. Please do ask if you need details on anything. Picture 2   Picture 3 $55.00
 Tiffany Taylor EXC- 1974 Tiffany Taylor doll from Ideal . She can change her hair color by rotating the top portion of her head: brunette with bangs or blonde with a middle part- hair is still shiny. All vinyl doll with long lashes and rooted hair. Tiffany is 18 inches tall, wearing an original outfit, no shoes $24.00

 Jeckle and Jansen Dolls from Germany
1992/93 limited edition artist series dolls by German twin dollmakers Petra Jeckle and Andrea Jansen. These dolls are 17"-18" tall and sport hand knotted mohair wigs, hard vinyl heads and limbs with specially designed weighted cloth bodies, and stationary glass eyes with lashes. Each unique doll has a personality all their own. If you want more pictures or info just email me- I will get around to more info eventually. I have most of the boxes

Jeckle/Jansen Matthew Matthew is one of the first six dolls by twin artists Jeckle and Jansen from Germany, 1992-93. His head and limbs are crafted from a rigid vinyl with a cloth stuffed and weighted body. He has a hand knotted mohair wig, glass eyes, and is 17" tall, all original outfit (See picture 2, I forgot to put his hat on him in the first pic) These dolls did not come wearing shoes picture 2 $65.00
Jeckle/Jansen Sandy $65.00
Jeckle/Jansen Oliver $89.00
Jeckle/Jansen Jockle $79.00
Jeckle/Jansen Gertrude $79.00
Jeckle/Jansen Christian $65.00
Jeckle/Jansen Franziska $79.00

Strawberry Shortcake is on the collectible toys page

Cuddle Up Baby MIB- 1979 Kenner Cuddle Up Baby, 13" hard plastic and vinyl, blonde rooted hair, big blue sleep eyes w/long lashes. New condition, box looks pretty good too. She is designed to work off air when her bottle is squeezed into her mouth $20.00