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Collectible Toys

These are mostly eighties toys, categorized by type. Click on the item name for a picture. Be sure and browse the entire page, you may find just what you've been looking for. Lots of bargains!
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Care Bears
(all are the original 80's Care Bears unless noted otherwise)

13" Friend Bear EXC-1983 Kenner plush Friend Bear $14.00
Sing-Along Share Bear NM- 2003 Interactive sing along 13" Share Bear. Press his left palm and he sings a song and bobbles his head around. There's a permanent on/off switch on the bottom, but he will stop talking if his palm is no longer pressed $15.00
1991 Love A Lot EXC- Kenner 1991 New Generation Care Bear: Love-A- Lot, 13" plush bear $6.00
13" Bedtime VG - Kenner 1983 plush Bedtime Bear. Looks to have been washed a few times $6.00
13" Funshine EXC- Kenner 1983 plush Funshine Bear. Almost perfect except for tiny heart rub $16.00
13" Grumpy VG - Kenner 1983 plush Grumpy Bear. Rubbed heart, tag partially faded, some yellowed stitching $14.00
13" Share VG - Kenner 1983 plush Share Bear. Rubbed heart, loose string on tummy. Hair tuft seems thin $12.00
13" Swiftheart Rabbit VG- Kenner 1983 plush CB Cousins Swiftheart Rabbit. Rubbed heart, nose & 1 eye. Pulled thread on tummy $12.00
11" Baby Hugs EXC- Kenner 1983" plush Baby Hugs. With diaper, displays great.. Heart rubs, tag partially faded $12.00
11" Baby Tugs EXC- Kenenr 1983" plush Baby Tugs. With diaper, displays great. Tag faded, dirty spot on diaper $14.00

 Vintage Strawberry Shortcake
all are the original 1980's versions

Blow Kiss Baby Apricot EXC- 13" Strawberry Shortcake Blow Kiss Baby Doll Apricot with original hat and jumper, Kenner 1982 $20.00
Blow Kiss Baby Lemon Meringue EXC- 13" Strawberry Shortcake Blow Kiss Baby Doll Lemon Meringue wearing original jumper, Kenner 1982 $15.00

 SSC Doll Outfits

MINT- Not sure who these two outfits belong to, I am thinking maybe the 12" rag dolls but hoping you will know whose they are. The peach and white jumpsuit is definitely for an apricot doll but looks to small for the 15" blow kiss doll(velcro closure in back). Both suits measure 6.5" from the shoulder to the bottom of the hem. I have pictured both the front and back of the pink outfit, it has a velcro closure on each shoulder, both suits are made out of a soft fleece type material. I have several of each, mint unused condition $4.00
Mint Baby Apricot in Pink Satin MINT- 13" Kenner 1982 Strawberry Shortcake Blow Kiss Baby Apricot. This one is from my personal collection, she has no original clothes but is dressed in a beautiful pink satin and lace dress- also mint. She is wearing vintage rubber shoes which are older than her Pink Apricot 2 Pink Apricot 3 $30.00
Orange Blossom BB NRFB- Kenner 1984, 5" Berry Baby Orange Blossom. Berry points still intact, box has slight fading on one side $20.00
NRFB Cafe Ole NRFB- Kenner 1982, Cafe Ole 6" doll with pet Burrito, box has proof of purchase seal cut off bottom which is most likely how she lost one of her pink sandals somewhere along the way, box shows a little wear $38.00
MOC Mint Tulip MINT- (mint on card) Kenner 1983, 6" Mint Tulip doll with pet Marsh Mallard, complete with comb and thank you card. Still attached to cardboard backing and has clear plastic band around hair, no outer box $38.00
MOC Almond Tea MINT- (mint on card) Kenner 6" Almond Tea doll with pet panda Marza, complete with comb and thank you card. Still has plastic band on hair, no box $40.00
Lime Chiffon MINT- Kenner 1981, 6" Lime Chiffon doll and Parfait Parrot. Loose, no box $22.00
SSC Mini with Basket Strawberry Shortcake Mini PVC figure with bushel basket $7.00
SSC Mini with Cat Strawberry Shortcake Mini PVC figure with cat $7.00
SSC Mini with 3 Berries Strawberry Shortcake Mini PVC figure holding three strawberries $6.00
Mini with Ice Cream Raspberry Tart Mini PVC figure with ice cream sundae, 1981 $6.00
Cherry Cuddler

EXC- 4 ½" vinyl Cherry Cuddler doll with pink hair. I believe her outfit is complete (white shirt could use a wash), comb included

Strawberry Shortcake EXC- nude 5 ½"SSC doll w/comb, dated 1979 on back of head $6.00
Berry Busy Bug EXC- In original box, Strawberry Shortcake Berry Busy Bug, Kenner 1982 $24.00
Berry Cycle EXC- In original box, Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cycle, Kenner 1982. Seat belt strap is still intact but does have damage $14.00

PVC Figures

Magic Diaper Merbabies SET MINT- Galoob Magic Diaper Merbabies with magic color changing tails (not sure if that still works). Clearing out my collection, this is the complete set of 10 babies plus my display I had them in (acrylic bathtub with clear glass rocks). They're loose so you will have to reassemble the display if you purchase it. These are mostly all MINT Merbabies. I would like to keep the set together $75.00
Loose Merbabies NM- Galoob Magic Diaper Merbabies $4.50 ea
Magic Diaper Angels NRFP-  Galoob Magic Diaper Angel Babies still in the package. Package of four babies. Picture shows a complete set but I am selling each package separately at the price listed, just make sure you let me know the number of the set you want. (look on the picture) $24.00 ea
Loose Magic Diaper Angels MINT- Loose Galoob Magic Diaper Babies Angel Babies pvc's. Group picture, each sold separately $6.00 ea
Magic Diaper Pals Set 4 EXC- Galoob Magic Diaper Pals, set of two meant to be together. # 8 PA and 8 PB $15.00
Magic Diaper Pals Set 5 EXC- Galoob Magic Diaper Pals, set of two meant to be together. # 10 PA and 10 PB $15.00
Magic Diaper World Babies 1 NRFP - Galoob 1992, Magic Diaper "Round the World Babies" with color changing diapers that change to pink or blue when dipped in cold water. Package of 5 babies $35.00
Magic Diaper World Babies 2 NRFP - Galoob 1992, Magic Diaper "Round the World Babies" with color changing diapers that change to pink or blue when dipped in cold water. Package of 5 babies $35.00
Magic Diaper World Babies 3 NRFP - Galoob 1992, Magic Diaper "Round the World Babies" with color changing diapers that change to pink or blue when dipped in cold water. Package of 5 babies $35.00
Single Magic Diaper Babies EXC- Galoob Magic Diaper Babies Pals looking for their mate $6.00 ea
NRFB Oodles Set NRFB- LJN toys 1986 boxed set of  12 Peek-A-Boodles Oodles family. Includes their collectiboodles cards and carrying purse, box is in very good condition. Rare to find them NRFB Picture 2 $45.00
Oodles with Cards M-NM- LJN Toys, 1986. Loose collectible Oodles with their card, look at both group pictures and order by their number or name if you can see it. A few of the cards may have a crease or two but most do not. Sold individually Second Picture $4.00 ea
Loose Oodles EXC- Little pvc babies in various poses, loop on their heads. LGN Toys 1986, sold individually, order by number $3.00 ea
MDB Angel VG-  Galoob Magic Diaper Angel Baby. Has been played with so does show some paint wear and it has what looks like a chew mark on the tip of one foot(tiny piece missing)- see picture $4.00
CMM- Mini Figure VG- Mattel 1989, 2 ½" tall Cherry Merry Muffin pvc figurine, has minor paint rubs $1.50
California Raisins EXC- You get both PVC's for the one price: guitar and saxophone players. Between three and four inches tall. Marked The California Raisins, 1987 and 1988 $6.00
Bustlin Babies- lil rockin rider EXC- Lil Rockin Rider, all hard plastic baby on rock 'n roll hobby horse. The bottle (4 ¾" tall) is a battery pack and has a wire that runs to the pony. When you push the buttons on the bottle, the pony rocks, the baby's head and legs wobble back and forth, and the pony will roll forwards or backwards depending on which button you push. Marked LGT 1992 (Lewis Galoob Toys) $8.00
Loose Magic Diaper Babies 2 EXC- Set 1 and 2 of the Galoob Magic Diaper Babies, order by number $5.00 ea.
Merry Miniatures Display Base, 2001 Madame Alexander Doll Co. Merry Miniatures plastic Display Base, 2001 Hallmark Cards, Inc. Measures apprx. 12.5" wide x 10 inches deep x 2.5" tall at the peak. This display was meant for the the Madame Alexander mini doll figurines but I found it perfect to display the Magic Diaper Babies, excellent condition. $12.00

Rainbow Brite
All are the original 1980's versions

6" Red Sprite EXC- 6" Rainbow Brite plush red sprite made for Taco Bell, 1983. Squeaks when you shake him, has the lobster claw $6.00
12" Yellow Sprite EXC- 12" Hallmark Cards RBB plush yellow sprite, 1983. There is what looks like a red stamper mark by his mouth, appears to be hearts, actually quite cute but shouldn't be there I don't think, will not come off. Nice shape otherwise $5.00


Eleroo Posable VG- 4" posable Eleroo, 1985 Hasbro/Disney


Assorted Plush

Wendy's Furskins NM- 1986 Wendy's restaurant promotional 7" Furskins bears. One still has his tag, sold separately $3.00 ea.
Rich Teddy Bear EXC- 15" Rich collector's teddy bear, beige fur w/darker skin. His body and legs are filled with pellets and his head and arms are stuffed. $6.00
Tyco Doggie Bag Doggie EXC- 1996 Tyco Doggie Bag Doggie plush white puppy with flocked head, plush body and ears are posable with some type of wire inside them. He is about 6" tall to the top of his ears and 5" wide Picture 2 $15.00
Tyco Sing 'n' Snore Ernie NM- 1996, in new condition


MGM Lion Puppet NM- 1980's/ 90's MGM grand plush lion puppet with soft fuzzy mane. Like new condition $5.00


Vintage Set of Gnomes VG- Not a toy but pretty neat. This is a vintage set of 8 plastic cake topper garden gnomes- or are they Snow Whites dwarfs? One has a broken stick. Most of them are still holding their garden item, all show minor paint wear. Marked Hong Kong on back $12.00
Pound Puppies Jalopy EXC- 1986 Tonka Dog Catcher blue jalopy. Push along car with red wheels, rolls along just fine. Measures 9" long by 5" wide. It looks like there should be three more plastic shape pieces that fit into the holes in the jalopy, but the dog catcher is there. Also including a vintage pound puppy 4" plastic bottle, marked Tonka 1986 $10.00
CPK Doctor Kit EXC- Mattel 1996, Cabbage Patch Kids doctor kit. Comes with all the accessories shown, looks complete to me. It's about the size of a child's lunch kit, maybe a little longer. Everything fits inside when closed  Another Picture $20.00
Blinkins Toy VG- LJN 1985 Blinkins caterpillar (Carrie), accessory car that originally came with Blink. About 4" long and 3" high, hard plastic. Shows some paint wear on the face and bow $6.00
Vintage Gift Wrap NRFP- American Greeting gift wrapping paper:  Herself the Elf (6), & Fairywinkles (1), any occasion. Original cello packaging. Contains 1 giant sheet- 2.5 feet x 1.1 yds. (8.33 sq. ft.)

$3.00 ea

Ice Cream Parlor

EXC- 1987 Kenner Wish World Kids playset that opens up into an ice cream parlor, lots of accessories. Looks complete (as pictured) but I don't know what all is supposed to be included. Measures 5" x 5 ½" when closed $12.00

Heathcliff mini Star Comic

EXC- 1987, like new mini comic book measures 6 ¼" x 4¼" $1.00

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